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Web Hosting

When you develop a site and you would like other individuals to spot it, you will have to copy (or upload) it to a web hosting server. If you attempt to render the site reachable on the web by hosting it on your own personal computer, there is no way for you to keep it constantly up and running, which is why web hosting services exist.

Hosting vendors provide you with hard disk storage space for your web site on their high-powered computers (servers) and guarantee constant network connectivity. When someone writes your domain name (e.g. www.my-best-domain.com) in their web browser's URL bar, they will be connected to the web server where they can view the content of your web site.

Register a Domain

Amongst the elements you demand so as to possess a web portal is a domain. This is the URL your web site visitors will write in their browsers to visit your online portal and it is among the features they will associate you with. Therefore you should select a domain that is good and explanatory, but it should also be easy to remember.

Each domain extension, or TLD (top-level domain name), is handled by a Registry. This is the top-level organization that controls all domain registrations and designates the requirements for a specific Top-Level Domain. Various domain name Registrars act under the Registry. These are certified distributors that furnish the very domain name registration service, are responsible for any further registration rules and bill the end clients.

When you register a domain, you become the domain name Registrant, or its holder. You can list a different person as the Administrative or Technical Contact for the domain name if someone else administers your web portal, which will allow you to deal solely with matters regarding the ownership or specific payment matters.

VPS Hosting

Up till a couple of years ago, the only means to obtain a feature-rich web hosting package was to purchase a dedicated server. As a result of latter-day software application developments, virtual hosting servers have been brought in and they've swiftly emerged as one of the most commonly used hosting platforms as they offer topflight performance at a very modest rate. Also known as a virtual private hosting server or a virtual dedicated web server, this web hosting server is a great platform for heavy resource-absorbing web sites.

A couple of virtual machines are set up on a physical server, utilizing its system resources. Each private virtual hosting server works exactly like a dedicated web server and its resources are ensured, including the CPU load, RAM memory and hard disk storage space allowances. These resources are much higher than those supplied by any shared hosting package, so a VPS hosting server plan is the most relevant choice for resource-consuming script-powered web pages with multiple viewers, or if you wish to host a big number of domains in one and the same account.

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